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Shopping in Venice

The city offers not only tradition and craftsmanship, handed down for generations, but also the luxury and elegance of the most popular brands in the world. Venice is the place to be for shopping lovers. A destination that meets the expectations of the most attentive and curious customers. You can make good deals, from typical handicraft products to exclusive articles from historical shops, not to mention renowned jewelers and local brands.

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The Fondaco dei Tedeschi

Calling it a shopping mall is an understatement. Adjacent to the Rialto Bridge, The Fondaco dei Tedeschi is a majestic palace of the 13th century, which recently became a luxury department store. We can recommend it not only for its fine selection of brands, but also for its panoramic terrace, one of Venice's must-sees we told you about in the article The 10 most instagrammable spots in Venice. Do not miss the opportunity to visit it during your next visit to Venice, for our guests an exclusive voucher that will give you access to benefits such as a 10% discount on purchases, priority access to the roof terrace and privileged access to the prestige lounge of the Fondaco. To receive your voucher, ask for it upon your arrival at the hotel.

Carnival masks
Carnival masks are definitely one of Venice's top icons. Visit the most famous shops and workshops to learn more about this ancient art. We suggest, for instance, Ca 'Macana, La Bauta and La Bottega dei Mascareri.
The Mercerie
The Mercerie (Marzarie in Venetian) are the best known commercial artery in the city of Venice, leading from the political-religious centre of St. Mark's Square to the Rialto Bridge, the city's economic and administrative hub, along a winding route that crosses the entire St. Mark's Sestiere. The name Mercerie derives from the dense succession of 'Marzeri' shops that have characterised the route since the Middle Ages, articulated between prestigious Byzantine buildings and rich Renaissance palaces. In addition to the vestiges of the past, there are the most prestigious brands of consumer and luxury goods shops, making it a sort of 'open-air shopping centre'. Translated with (free version)
Murano Glass
The island of Murano is home to the ancient art of glass blowing. It is therefore the ideal place to purchase vases, chandeliers and glass jewelry. In this regard, you might want to consider our special Discover Venice Package, which includes a visit to a glass factory too.
Burano Lace
If you are more into fine tablecloths, centerpieces, linens and sheets, you should definitely add Burano lace to your Venice wishlist. Lace is an ancient art (it dates back approx. to the 16th century) that used to be in great demand all over Europe during the golden age of the Serenissima Republic.
Historical Artisan Shops
Venetian craftsmanship has ancient origins and, despite the challenges and inevitable evolutions of the market, it tries to stay alive catching the eye of the most attentive visitors. To learn more, we suggest you take a look at our article dedicated to Venice’s finest historical artisan shops, where you can collect some good addresses to add to your itinerary.

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