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Venetian Islands

Easy to reach from our hotel, the Venetian islands are an area of Venice that only few tourists have the privilege to visit. Located in the northern part of the lagoon, these smaller islands are a real gem: each one with its own history and a unique charm. Here, where tradition still lives, Venice unveils its less monumental, yet fascinating face.

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How to reach them

You can easily reach the outer islands by vaporetto from the Sant’Elena stop, a five-minutes’ walk from our hotel. To reach Murano check the lines 4.1 and 4.2. To reach Burano from Murano, take the line 12, while to move between Burano and Torcello, take the line 9.

Murano offers to its visitors the unique experience of taking a close look at the art of glassmaking, that magic-like process that, by using the traditional blowing technique, turns sand, fire and air into the finest glass.

Since the 8th century, expert glassmakers have realized inestimable creations that became well-known all over the world.
Furnaces and glassworks
On the island you can find many glassworks and furnaces, where it is possible to join glass-making demonstrations. Speaking of which, take a look at our particularly convenient package Discover Venice.

The Glass Museum, located in Palazzo Giustinian and active since 1861, is another must-see. Here you can admire Renaissance pieces and a remarkable collection of ancient glass that were found in archaeological excavations.

In the meantime, wander across the calli and savor the beauty of Murano’s canals. Enjoy the quiet and forget  Venice’s chaos for a moment.
Iconic, photogenic, definitely instagrammable, Burano is a palette of such bright colours that it’s hard to believe it’s real. This island will welcome you with its canals, bridges and rows of colorful houses that will lead you all the way through.

If you’ll be taking pictures non-stop, no worries… It’s all normal!
The art of lace
While Murano is home to the art of glass, Burano is home to the art of lace. It is estimated that the first handmade lace dates back to 1500, when lacemaking was a hobby of the upper-class only. It is interesting to note that this art was born using needle and thread without the support of a canvas, just by creating the so-called "point in the air". Today, you can visit the Lace Museum and admire the most relevant works.
Today Torcello is a small, almost uninhabited island (it has about fifteen inhabitants), but in ancient times, before the Serenissima Republic of Venice imposed its power on the surrounding islands, it was a very important political center.

In Torcello you will breathe an authentic, wildish air and enjoy its peaceful and quiet atmosphere.
Hidden treasures
Why visit Torcello? Definitely for the magnificent mosaics of the Cathedral of Santa Maria dell'Assunta, dating back to the 7th century, and for the archaeological remains from the Roman, Byzantine and medieval periods. You cannot but take a photo of the Ponte del Diavolo (lit. The Devil’s Bridge), a stone bridge without parapets, as per ancient Venetian tradition.

Hotel Indigo Venice - Sant'Elena

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