Hotel Indigo Venice - Sant'Elena
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Our History

The hotel is housed in an old convent on Sant’Elena Island, to the east of Venice, well away from the hustle and bustle of St. Mark’s Square

This area takes its name from a saint, whose remains, according to the legend, were brought here from Constantinople and later buried in the chapel built by the Augustinian order in 1028. In 1400, the Augustinians were succeeded by the Benedictines, who in 1439 built the convent and the church you can still see today.

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The religious complex was deconsecrated in 1810 and used for military purposes for over a century. Returned to the Church in 1930, the convent was run by Mantellate Sisters and first used as a private educational institution and later as accommodation for pilgrims on their journey to Venice.

The Building

In 1999, when the nuns decided to leave the premises, the building underwent lengthy renovation that led to creating Hotel Indigo Venice - Sant’Elena. However, the distinctive historical features and character of the building were preserved, as well the external façade, the inner portico and the garden that was once the cloister.