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Saint Mark’s Rosebud


Legend has it that Tancredi, a handsome young man of humble birth, went into battle with Charlemagne’s army to cover himself with honor and deserve the hand of his beloved Maria, daughter of Doge Partecipazio. The young man, however, tragically lost his life in a fight, falling into a rose garden.

Only a rosebud dyed with his own blood returned to Venice. The next day, on the Feast of San Marco, Maria was found dead, with the flower in her hand.

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St. Mark's Day

On April 25th Venice celebrates St. Mark Evangelist, patron saint of the city. Legend has it that his relics were brought back to Venice from Alexandria in Egypt in 828 by two Venetian merchants, in a very tricky way. It is said that they managed to steal the body from the Muslims by hiding it under pork meat, which was always kept at a distance during customs inspections.

Tradition has it that St. Mark evangelized the people in the form of a winged lion who, between his paws, holds a sword and a book. On the open pages we read Pax tibi marce Evangelista Meus, Peace to you Marco my Evangelist.

In Venice the rosebud is dialectically called bòcolo and the tradition of giving it is still very popular.


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