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Venice Biennale

From Spring to Autumn – The prestigious international art exhibition featuring visual arts, architecture, cinema, dance, music, and theatre was first held in 1895. Inaugurated in May and open until November, it takes place in the pavilions of the homonymous gardens and in the Arsenale, just a few steps from our hotel.

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"The Laboratory of the Future"

Architecture Biennale 2023

The Biennale Architettura 2023 will be held from Saturday 20 May to Sunday 26 November (pre-opening 18 and 19 May), curated by academic, educator and best-selling novelist Lesley Lokko. The title of the 18th International Architecture Exhibition is The Laboratory of the Future.

New technologies continuously appear and disappear – stated Lesley Lokko - giving us unfiltered glimpses of life in parts of the globe we will likely never visit, much less understand. [...] There is one place on this planet where all these questions of equity, race, hope and fear converge and coalesce. Africa. At an anthropological level, we are all African. And what happens in Africa happens to us all”.

Learn more about the event in our page dedicated to the Venice Biennale.

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