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Unconventional Venice

Discover the best unconventional experiences in Venice. Find out more about its traditions, history and hidden gems.

Blog Category: Curiosities

January 2024
The most popular traditional masks of the Venice Carnival

For centuries the Venice Carnival has been one of the most anticipated events of the year. Every winter, the city gets ready to welcome tourists (and not only) in the…

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January 2023
Venetian dialect: the most famous expressions

On the occasion of the Italian National Dialect Day (January 17), it is almost our moral duty to dedicate an article to the most famous sayings of our beloved Venetian…

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October 2022
The gondola: history, tradition and curiosities

The origins Although the exact origin of the name gondola is unknown, there are several hypotheses: the most reliable one argues that it derives from the Latin term cymbula, which…

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May 2022
The roses of Venice: between modernity and tradition

What’s the relationship between roses and Venice? In today’s article we will walk you through the special liaisons that for centuries have bound our city with the most loved spring…

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December 2021
The most famous books and films set in Venice

It is no surprise that over the centuries Venice has inspired writers and artists and that it has become the ideal backdrop for literary and cinematographic works. In today’s article…

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September 2021
Haunted Venice: legends of spirits and ghosts

In this article you’ll discover a Venice you wouldn’t expect, dark and mysterious. Not everyone knows that many ghost legends and spooky stories that have been handed down for decades…

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June 2021
Unexpected Venice: discovering parks and gardens

Venice has many distinctive features that make it unique, but, sticking to a list of five, we would include: bridges, calli (streets), salizade (main streets), campi (squares) and campielli (small…

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March 2021
Venice Itinerary on the trail of Ernest Hemingway

“How can you live in New York when there are Venice and Paris?” Such a quote could only but be the introduction to an intense love story, which is the…

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February 2021
Mysterious Venice: discovering myths and legends

The island of Sant’Elena The first legend is about the island on which our hotel is located, Sant’Elena. It is said that centuries ago a ship from Constantinople, carrying the…

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