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Unexpected Venice: discovering parks and gardens

Unexpected Venice: discovering parks and gardens

June 2021

Venice has many distinctive features that make it unique, but, sticking to a list of five, we would include: bridges, calli (streets), salizade (main streets), campi (squares) and campielli (small squares).

Today, however, it’s about a Venice you wouldn’t expect, made of parks and gardens – in one word: green. We are particularly fond of Venice’s green areas and, at the Hotel Indigo Venice too, a relaxing garden is ready to welcome you.

But that’s not all: our hotel is located in Venice’s greenest area, a location that offers moments of pure relax, perfect to start or end an intense day exploring the city.

Parco delle Rimembranze

Just a few steps away from the hotel entrance, you will find Parco delle Rimembranze, a large, shady garden overlooking the lagoon and the Venice Lido. With its many benches, as well as playgrounds and a few bars, it is a real landmark for our neighborhood. Locals love this park because here it feels like the most touristic Venice is far away (even though it can be reached in just a few minutes by ferry).

parco delle rimembranze venezia

Giardini della Biennale

A little further to the North, if you cross one of the bridges that connect Sant’Elena to Venice, you will find yourself in the largest green space in the city: the Giardini della Biennale. As you might have read in the post Unconventional Venice: walking tour from Sant’Elena this space hosts almost 30 pavilions from foreign countries, which are the beating heart of the Biennale. Apart from this event that makes this area so alive as never before, these gardens are a beautiful refuge throughout the year.

The Royal Gardens

Thanks to the recent restoration made by the Venice Gardens Foundation, the Royal Gardens of Venice have finally returned to their former glory. Commissioned by Napoleon in the early 1800s, they cover an area of ​​5000m2 and are located a few steps from Piazza San Marco, overlooking the Basin of San Marco. Worth taking a look at: the iron and cast-iron pergola and the Coffee Pavilion.

giardini reali venezia

Giardini di Ca’ Rezzonico

This garden is located a short distance from the Accademia bridge and a few steps from Venice’s busiest streets. Nevertheless, it turns out to be a quiet oasis of peace. Take the same entrance of the Ca’ Rezzonico Museum, then turn left. You will find benches, hedges, marble artifacts and a small playground. This garden, surrounded by ancient buildings, allows you to take a small journey into the Venice of the 18th century.

The Garden of Palazzo Soranzo Cappello

This is a true hidden gem, unknown to most people. Since a couple of years ago, the garden of Palazzo Soranzo Cappello has been part of the headquarters of the Superintendency. It has been restored and open to the public, even though only for a few days a year. On the three sides of the monumental court it preserves the statues of Julius Caesar and the first eleven Roman emperors. One last curiosity: two literary classics are set here, “The Aspern Papers” by Henry James and “The Flame” by Gabriele D’Annunzio.

giardino di palazzo soranzo cappello

Giardino della Marinaressa

These gardens might not boast a wide extension but, in addition to their privileged position on Riva Sette Martiri, they have a feature that is certainly noteworthy, as they often host artistic installations. Spending time here will be relaxing for sure, but it will also give you the chance to visit a sort of small open-air museum for free.

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Hotel Indigo Venice - Sant'Elena

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