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Unconventional Venice

Discover the best unconventional experiences in Venice. Find out more about its traditions, history and hidden gems.

Blog Category: Food & Wine

February 2023
Discovering the Venetian Mixology: cocktails and local excellence

Although Venice is known for its famous bacari and typical taverns, in today’s article we introduce you to another fascinating feature of the Venetian panorama: good drinks. We are referring…

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May 2022
Traditional recipes from the Jewish Ghetto: kosher cuisine in Venice

Venice’s Jewish Ghetto offers plenty of specialties that originated from the combination of the lagoon gastronomic tradition with the Jewish one. An unexpected culinary experience beyond the well-known bacari. The…

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November 2020
Traditional food in Venice: all you have to know

What to eat in Venice? Which are the typical dishes you absolutely have to try? And, what is exactly a bacaro? These are common you’ll probably ask yourself when visiting…

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November 2020
Historic Cafes in Venice: elegance and tradition

When it comes to historic cafes in Italy, Venice is for sure one of the top destinations. Thanks to its unique, charming atmosphere, to its canals and its fine architecture,…

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