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Unconventional Venice

Discover the best unconventional experiences in Venice. Find out more about its traditions, history and hidden gems.

Located on the characteristic Island of Sant’Elena in a quiet location away from crowds of tourists, yet a short distance from the main landmarks in the city such as Piazza San Marco, the homonymous Basilica and Rialto Bridge, our elegant 4-star boutique hotel will allow you to easily reach any point of the city.

If you are looking for inspiration while planning your next trip to Venice, our articles will accompany you to the discovery of the most authentic and hidden Venice, our Unconventional Venice.

February 2023
Discovering the Venetian Mixology: cocktails and local excellence

Although Venice is known for its famous bacari and typical taverns, in today’s article we introduce you to another fascinating feature of the Venetian panorama: good drinks. We are referring…

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January 2023
Venetian dialect: the most famous expressions

On the occasion of the Italian National Dialect Day (January 17), it is almost our moral duty to dedicate an article to the most famous sayings of our beloved Venetian…

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December 2022
Unconventional Venice: 3 itineraries inspired by films and comics

Corto Maltese and his “Corti Sconte” The secret Venice of Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt is certainly not a traditional tourist guide. It is a collection of itineraries that celebrate…

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November 2022
The magic of Christmas in Venice: the top events

This year, Venice’s program of Christmas events is finally back at its original glow. We can’t wait to welcome you during the most magical time of the year and guide…

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October 2022
The gondola: history, tradition and curiosities

The origins Although the exact origin of the name gondola is unknown, there are several hypotheses: the most reliable one argues that it derives from the Latin term cymbula, which…

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September 2022
Autumn in Venice: the top events

Autumn in Venice traditionally offers exceptional events and rendezvous. This is one of the best times to visit the city, as there are less tourists and temperatures are still mild.…

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September 2022
Beyond gondolas: how to discover the Venetian canals and lagoon

One of the best ways to dive into Venice’s most authentic soul is to navigate its waters. Whether through its water canals – no less than 178! – or the…

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May 2022
Traditional recipes from the Jewish Ghetto: kosher cuisine in Venice

Venice’s Jewish Ghetto offers plenty of specialties that originated from the combination of the lagoon gastronomic tradition with the Jewish one. An unexpected culinary experience beyond the well-known bacari. The…

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May 2022
The roses of Venice: between modernity and tradition

What’s the relationship between roses and Venice? In today’s article we will walk you through the special liaisons that for centuries have bound our city with the most loved spring…

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March 2022
Venetian Lagoon: the best islands to visit in Spring

Hotel Indigo Venice is located in a strategic position to visit the most beautiful minor islands of the Venetian Lagoon. These islands are a perfect destination to visit in Spring,…

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