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Create your own lampwork beads with a Murano artist

Create your own lampwork beads with a Murano artist

February 2024

As said in the article about Murano glass factory tour: a closer look at the art of glass, the island of Murano is home to the ancient and prestigious art of glassmaking. A tradition handed down over the centuries, that has made Murano and its masterpieces well-known and highly requested all over the world.

Is there a better way to take a closer look at the art of glassmaking than creating unique pieces with your own hands? Our exclusive Discover Venice package offers you the chance to live this unique experience and take home with you an irreplaceable memory of your stay in Venice.

The workshop

Your mentor will be a Venetian artist, Monica Cavalletto, who will open the doors of her atelier, Ferro Vetro, and guide you step by step in the creation of your “lampwork beads”. It will be an exciting and engaging workshop that allows you to learn about this refined art by practicing it firsthand. The duration of the experience is approximately 2 hours and is also suitable for children aged 10 and older.

What are lampwork beads

Murano glass beads are divided into two categories depending on the manufacturing technique: the drawn glass beads and the wound glass beads, known as “lampwork beads”. The second ones, which are the ones that will be made during the workshop, date back to the seventeenth century and are made from an unpierced cane, heated with a flame and cast on a metal wire kept in constant rotation manually. The possible variations of decorations, effects and colors are practically endless.

How glassmaking works

Glass is composed mainly of silica and it takes on a liquid state at elevated temperatures. During the solidification process its consistency becomes malleable, allowing glassmakers to shape it into unique works. The use of different materials during processing, which is the result of huge experience gained over time, gives the glass distinctive visual characteristics. For example, the addition of sodium can cloud the surface of the glass, while nitrate and arsenic are used to eliminate unwanted bubbles. The choices of colors, techniques and materials vary based on the aesthetic result desired by the artist.

How to get to the atelier

Reaching Ferro Vetro is very easy, just board the vaporetto line 4.1 at the Sant’Elena stop, a few steps away from the hotel.

Once you arrive in Murano Faro, Monica’s atelier is just a few minutes’ walk away, in Campo Santo Stefano. Remember that the Discover Venice package also includes two 24-hour vaporetto tickets. An excellent opportunity to explore other islands in the lagoon, besides Venice.

Hotel Indigo Venice - Laboratorio Perle di Vetro di Murano

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