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What to see in Venice in 4 or more days (beyond the must-sees)

What to see in Venice in 4 or more days (beyond the must-sees)

August 2023

It is quite common to think of Venice as a destination for a weekend or a short stay. Yet our best advice is to avoid the rush and give yourself more time to explore the city. Planning a longer stay in Venice will allow you to slow down and enjoy customized itineraries based on your personal interests.

Moreover, Hotel Indigo Venice has a special Stay Longer Pay Eless offer, designed for our guests who are spending more than 3 nights in Venice.

In today’s article we suggest three thematic itineraries that go a little beyond the usual must-sees. Which one will you choose?

Venice for… Nature-lovers

One of Venice’s peculiarities you will soon discover over your stay are the green areas. Despite the geographical conformation of the city, there’s still plenty of parks and gardens. One of the most beautiful parks, Parco delle Rimembranze, is just a few meters away from our hotel. We invite you to discover the others in our article Unexpected Venice: discovering parks and gardens.

If you are a nature-lover you cannot miss a visit to the Museum of Natural History. The scientific heritage of the Museum consists of over two million items. Many collections derive from local naturalistic research, providing physical testimony and historical memory of the territory and its transformation over time. Others, which mainly come from donations, are instead the result of travels and expeditions to discover distant lands.

Finally, those who love nature will appreciate Venice Lido and, in particular, its naturalistic oases. To learn more, we invite you to read the article dedicated to Venice Lido: villages and natural oases.

Venice for… Culture-lovers

A huge cultural heritage is at the core of any trip to Venice, even the shortest one. But if you have the opportunity to stay in the city a few days longer, there are some additional museums and visits we recommend.

We start by mentioning the Jewish Ghetto, an area of Venice rarely included in shorter itineraries which, instead, is absolutely worth exploring because of its unique history and architecture. Specifically, we suggest joining one of the guided tours that are always available throughout the year.

We continue with Palazzo Fortuny, originally Palazzo Pesaro, which became a permanent museum in 2022 after recovery work made necessary by the disastrous high tide of November 2019. This is the House-Museum that belonged to the brilliant Mariano Fortuny and since 1975 it has been one of the references in Venice for the visual arts and an excellent example of Venetian Gothic.

Moving on to the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, we recommend the Giorgio Cini Foundation. Established by Vittorio Cini, in memory of his son Giorgio, the foundation was born with the aim of re-developing the island, severely degraded by almost one hundred and fifty years of military occupation. Thanks to guided tours and various available itineraries, you can visit two marvelous libraries; the cloisters (one of which is by Andrea Palladio); the Borges labyrinth and the Vatican Chapels, ten chapels built as a widespread Vatican Pavilion for the 2018 Architecture Biennale.

Venice for… Arts and craft-lovers

Venice is a true paradise for anyone who loves art and artisanship and it’s quite easy to design itineraries dedicated to this theme. For instance, how could we not mention the famous Venetian masks? To learn more about this tradition, we suggest you visit the Ca’ Macana workshop, which has been active since 1984 and it is one of the most popular ones.

If you rather have a thing for brocades, damasks, velvets and other precious fabrics, you may want to visit the Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua, that keeps alive the oldest traditions in Venice thanks to its original eighteenth-century looms.

And finally, how to forget the famous Murano glass, well known all over the world. We therefore suggest planning a day trip to the island of Murano and visiting a glass factory to admire the manufacturing and glass-blowing up close. By adding the colorful Burano to your itinerary you will also get to know the ancient art of lace.

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