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The Island of Giudecca: an itinerary in the most authentic Venice

The Island of Giudecca: an itinerary in the most authentic Venice

June 2024

The Giudecca is one of the islands of the Venice lagoon and it is located south of the historic center of the city, from which it’s separated by the homonymous canal. About two kilometers long, the Giudecca is known for its quiet atmosphere and spectacular views of Venice that you can admire from its banks. Nevertheless, beyond its peaceful and somewhat sleepy atmosphere, the island offers several points of interest.

The Island of Giudecca: historical notes

The island has played different roles over the centuries. In the Middle Ages it was known as Spinalonga, “long fishbone” in dialect, due to its elongated shape. During this period the island was an important agricultural area, dotted with vegetable gardens and vineyards. Later, in the Renaissance, it became a fashionable residential area, inhabited by nobles and wealthy merchants who built splendid villas and gardens. With the advent of the industrial era in the 19th century, the island underwent a radical transformation, becoming home to factories and shipyards.

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What to see on the Giudecca

Today the Giudecca is a quiet and picturesque residential area that offers a unique and less touristy – hence rare – perspective on Venetian life.

One of the main attractions of the island is the Church of the Redentore, a masterpiece by Andrea Palladio built in the 16th century to give thanks for the end of a devastating plague epidemic. Besides being a true architectural masterpiece, the church also houses priceless works by Tintoretto, Veronese and Francesco Bassano. Every year, in the third weekend of July, Venice celebrates the Feast of the Most Holy Redeemer (Festa del Redentore), with spectacular fireworks and a temporary bridge of boats that connects the Giudecca to the main city.

Another church we suggest you visit is the Church of Santa Maria della Presentazione, commonly called the Church of the Zitelle (lit. “The Spinsters’ Church”), also a project by Palladio. It was originally built as part of a complex for the education and care of destitute young women and is a fascinating example of Renaissance architecture.

For those who love modern art, the Giudecca is home to the Casa dei Tre Oci, a neo-Gothic building that serves as a space for photographic and artistic exhibitions. Its name, which means “House of the Three Eyes”, derives from the three large windows that characterize its facade.

Walking along the shores of the island you won’t for sure miss the panoramic view of the San Marco Basin and of the most iconic part of Venice: a perfect frame that includes the Doge’s Palace and the Basilica of San Marco. The relaxed atmosphere of the Giudecca, typical of its silent streets and hidden gardens offers a pleasant contrast to the touristic chaos of the historic center.

In addition to historical and artistic attractions, the Giudecca has plenty of options to taste authentic Venetian cuisine. You will find many restaurants and taverns – often with a terrace overlooking the lagoon – serving traditional fresh fish dishes and other local specialties.

casa dei tre oci


How to get to the Island of Giudecca

Getting to the island of Giudecca from our hotel is very simple. With the vaporetto line 4.2 you will reach the island in only 15 minutes and you can choose whether to get off at the Zitelle or Redentore stop.


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