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Running in Venice: the best events for sport lovers (but not only)

Running in Venice: the best events for sport lovers (but not only)

October 2021

Have you ever considered joining a sports event in Venice? In today’s article you will find the most interesting yearly events, dedicated to runners and walkers.

Venice Marathon

The Venice Marathon is Venice’s most awaited annual event dedicated to running. It is always held on the fourth Sunday in October (in 2022 it’s taking place on October 23) and the starting point is in front of Villa Pisani, in Stra. The 42 km wind between the Riviera del Brenta and Venice, crossing the Ponte di Barche, Piazza San Marco, the Campanile and Palazzo Ducale.

If you think the full marathon would be too ambitious a goal – appropriate training is necessary! – you can consider joining the VM10K, which covers the final 10 km of the original route.

venice marathon

Su e zo per i ponti

The “Su e zo per i ponti” (in Venetian “up e down the bridges”) is not a real race. It is rather a march or a walk, depending on the spirit of the participants. Its goal has always been to be an inclusive event: it is dedicated to the young and the old, families, school and sports groups. In short: it is open to everyone. A walk in the name of solidarity and friendship in the magic atmosphere of Venetian streets. The event has an average of 10-12 thousand participants.

A peculiarity: the event is animated by folk groups, who organize shows, play music and wear costumes.

Furthermore, any funds collected through the Su e Zo per i Ponti di Venezia have always been donated to support organizations involved in social causes and education. One more reason to join!

According to the first rumors, the 42nd edition of the Su e zo per i ponti is taking place on April 3, 2022.


Venice Night Trail

The Venice Night Trail is another unmissable event dedicated to runners, which includes a 16km route (and 51 bridges) surrounded by the unique charm of the Venetian night.

The departure takes place around 9PM, near San Basilio. Despite the uncertainties of the period, the great success of the 2021 edition gave the organizational team enough enthusiasm to foresee a sixth edition, which in all likelihood will be held on 9 April 2022.

A unique opportunity to explore Venice at a running pace in one of the most evocative and magical moments.

venice night trail


Why 5.30? This number perfectly summarizes the distinctive features of the event. It is indeed a 5.3 km route in the heart of the city, starting at 5:30 in the morning. A sustainable event which, as another peculiarity, always takes place on a weekday, to promote a healthy, sporty lifestyle.

5.30 is an itinerant event that includes several stops in Northern Italy. In 2021 it was held in Venice on July 23. In the coming months we will update the article providing you with more details on the 2022 edition. You can still find all the information related to programming and registration procedures on the official website of the event.

5.30 corsa venezia

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