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Beyond gondolas: how to discover the Venetian canals and lagoon

Beyond gondolas: how to discover the Venetian canals and lagoon

September 2022

One of the best ways to dive into Venice’s most authentic soul is to navigate its waters. Whether through its water canals – no less than 178! – or the Lagoon, you will discover the city from a privileged perspective.

The great classic: the gondola

Icon of Venice par excellence, the gondola is the most characteristic and romantic way to navigate the canals. The stazi, Venetian word for embarkation points, can be easily found all around the city, with greater concentration in the central area, between Rialto and San Marco.

It will be easy to recognize the gondoliers thanks to their dark trousers and their typical striped sweater. Sometimes, they like to complete the look with a traditional straw hat. For your first gondola experience we suggest the ferry station of Santa Maria del Giglio. The itinerary departing from here offers a splendid view of the Grand Canal, Ca’ Dario, the church of the Madonna della Salute and the Peggy Guggenheim museum.

For adventure lovers: the kayak

Have you ever considered exploring the Venetian canals by kayak? Get ready for a fun, unusual experience! These tours are usually organized and led by expert local guides. A kayak tour will therefore be a good opportunity not only to enjoy Venice from a new perspective, but also to learn some curiosities about the city.

Tours usually last 2-3 hours and are also suitable for beginners. Our hotel staff will be happy to support you in selecting the best experience for you.

The unconventional choice: the SUP

Another equally healthy and eco-friendly alternative is the stand up paddle, commonly known as SUP. Also in this case you will be in good hands: the guides are certified instructors and authentic locals.

If you have never used a SUP, no worries, a beginner tour is usually available and you will be explained step by step how to paddle in complete safety through the Venetian canals.

Like in a movie: the motorboat

If, in addition to the canals, you also wish to explore the splendid Venice Lagoon, many exciting itineraries are available. In this we recommend a motorboat.

Aboard a motorboat you will have the chance to explore Venice’s lagoon surroundings, as well as its smaller islands, such as Burano, Murano, Torcello, Certosa and Vignole. Navigating Venice’s waters will be an unforgettable experience and an opportunity to visit less popular areas that stand out for their authenticity and, sometimes, even for their wildness.

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Hotel Indigo Venice - Sant'Elena

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